How to maximise your solar pv-the quick version

tesla powerwall battery
tesla powerwall battery
Tesla Powerwall battery

If you are reading this, you probably downloaded my e-book on this topic and then thought, “looks a bit long, I’ll give it a miss.” Because I am the understanding type, and I may have had similar thoughts myself from time to time, I have decided to write a quick version in the form of a blog.

So, in 663 words, here’s how you do it:

  1. When the sun is shining, run about like a nutter turning things on, even if you don’t need them. Obviously, this method is limited. There’s not much point turning the lights on when you could just open the curtains…depending on what you are doing behind the curtains, I suppose. Winking Face on Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  2. Get good data. You’ll never know what you are producing unless you have something which tells you in real time what’s coming in off your solar pv panels. Really you need something which will give you a detailed breakdown within specific time periods of how much you are generating, how much importing and how much exporting. With this data you can put together a good picture of when you are producing electricity and this will help you use it most effectively. I am happy to say that such a devise exists. It is called a Smappee and is a little gizmo which attaches to your incoming electrical supply and does all of the above. You can even access your data with an app so you know what’s going on all of the time. Costs £260 from their website. We can give it to you for £236. Bargain!
  3. Get a solar hot water optimiser. This is a devise which is constantly measuring how much electricity you are exporting from your solar panels and how much you are using. As soon as you start exporting electricity, the optimiser will turn on the electric immersion element in your hot water cylinder to match the exported power. Put simply, you get a cylinder of hot water without using up any gas. This is a great little devise which requires no effort on your part at all-it just works! Our installed price for a Power Diverter (there are a few different makes but in my opinion Power Diverter are the best) is £420 including VAT. Another bargain!
  4. Electric cars. These aren’t strictly a solar thing but works well with solar because it is a great way to use up your solar generated electricity on something worthwhile-filling up your car. This will save you tons of cash at the pump and also leave you less reliant on the fuel spikes and troughs that we’ve been seeing these last few years. Obviously, getting an electric car is a big investment and requires a lot of thought but in terms of making the most of your solar pv, its a real winner!
  5. Batteries. The single best way to make the most of the electricity that you produce with your solar panels is to get a solar battery. If you think about it, this is obvious. You generate electricity during daylight hours and the chances are that you are out during daylight hours. The peak load times of a typical house are in the morning and evening-when people are in the house! If you can store the electricity that you are generating and use it later then that is a big deal. Well, now you can! The best battery on the market by a mile is the Tesla Powerwall. This can be easily retrofitted to a solar pv system. Its a beautiful looking piece of kit and can even be installed outside of your house so all the neighbours can look and be jealous. The Tesla Powerwall will store 6.4kW hours of electricity which can be used when the sun is not shining.

If anything in this blog has interested you and you’d like to know more then please go to the ‘Arrange a Consultation’ link on the homepage and we can get together and have a proper chat about how you can maximise your solar pv!


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