Battery storage

Battery storage is the new big thing in solar pv. What is great about it is that it is the perfect fit for the golden rule of great solar pv utilisation: make the load match the supply.

For most people, most of the time, matching the load with the supply is very difficult. Unless you are physically watching your solar generation and ready to jump up and turn things on and off to suit (and also have a pretty good idea what appliance uses how much electricity etc.) then you have a problem. Frankly, most of us have better things to do so what’s the answer?

You may have guessed: battery storage. Here’s the stats. Most people export around 75% of their solar generation. 75%!!! Say you produce 3000kWh of electricity over a year you are exporting 2250kWh which if you are on a very cheap electricity rate (12p/kWh…its probably costing you more than this) will cost you £270 to import from the grid. It seems crazy to be exporting this electricity when you could be using what you’re already generating onsite. Better for you and better for the environment as the further electricity has to go down the line the higher the losses and the less efficient.

Whenever you’re not using the electricity it is automatically stored in your battery for use later on in the evening or at another time. After having a battery installed with a solar pv installation onsite usage rockets up to an average of 95%! That is a lot of saved electricity.

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