Is energy efficiency important for your business?

The answer to this question is almost certainly yes for one reason or another but the real question is whether you can do anything about it. To answer this, you must look at what kind of business you are.

Do you have real estate? If so, it certainly requires heating and electricity. Where these are used, they could probably be used more efficiently. Turn down your stat, turn off lights overnight, don’t allow computers to be on standby. All the usual things

Do you use a LOT of energy? Maybe you’re in manufacturing or the food industry or another energy intense industry. If so, you could do all of the above and still shell out thousands every month. If you’re spending a load of money on electricity and have a decent roof space, you should consider solar panels. This is particularly the case if lots of your energy use is during daylight hours.

Maybe you run an online business from a little office which sells gizmos and energy bills aren’t a big deal. Energy efficiency is though. If you sell goods online which need to be delivered to an address then energy will be consumed in the delivery. Done inefficiently, this will result in higher costs for you and in turn your customer. Some transportation companies offer a pick up scheme which basically tracks its vehicles and people can go online and say they need this small item picked up from x to go to y. If it’s doable they’ll pick it up and take it to the next place. This means that the return journey isn’t wasted for the delivery guy and the deliverer gets their parcel there for a lower cost.

Maybe you’re an on the road salesman. Have you considered an electric vehicle or a hybrid? There are now loads of places these can be charged up and most of them are free! If you have access to solar you can even charge up your car at your own home for free!

When you open your eyes to this, you will see that any way in which your business uses energy can almost certainly be done in a more efficient manner. Just look at what you’re spending and think of ways to reduce it.

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