Feed in tariff drop

In January of this year, the government dropped the solar pv feed-in-tariff to 2.85p/kWhour (while keeping the 4.85p/kWhour export tariff). This amounted to approximately an 85% cut in the tariff. Obviously this has hit the solar pv industry pretty hard and there has not been much work on in that side of the industry.
However, there are still reasons to be cheerful. One of the most exciting things that is coming on board to soalr is battery storage. This is a system that can be retro fitted to store up electricity that is not used during daylight hours and use it at night (when not generating). At this stage, we are just looking at the products most suitable for our customers but if you have a system installed by us you can look forward to a call in the not too distant future! Of course, if you have a solar pv system installed by others, we would be very happy to look at battery storage for you.