Green Deal Installer

Now that Better Energy Control is accredited as a Green Deal installer for micro-generational technologies (solar pv, solar thermal and heat pumps) I feel I can put a bit of comment on the process.

Green Deal is a finance mechanism which allows energy saving installations to be financed up front and then paid back by the end users at the rate at which they save money on their bills. Broadly the measures allowed under it fall it to one of two categories: energy conservation and energy generation.

Energy conservation includes measures such as insulation and double-glazed windows. Measures that will prevent heat from escaping from the property and cutting your bills in that way. Energy generation is what BEC is interested in. Allowing our customers to cut their bills by generating their own energy.


Green deal accredited!

Hello loyal readers! Its been a long time since my last post but the reason for this is that I haven’t really had anything interesting to write about. The harsher amongst you will reply that that has never stopped me before but I will choose to ignore such jibes.

Good news! BEC is Green Deal accredited! I went through the accreditation process over the last couple of weeks and the powers that be have decided that I am good enough to install solar pv, solar thermal and heat pumps.

If you want to get a Green Deal for yourself then you need to get in touch with a Green Deal advisor. They will give you an official report on what you are able to have installed and what would improve the energy efficiency of your property. Once that is done you contact the Green Deal installer (that would be me) to sort out the installation.

Get in touch soon!