Trade shows

A couple of weeks ago, in a brave bid to stir up some business, BEC made its first foray into the world of exhibiting at a trade show. You have probably seen this kind of thing, but if you haven’t, here’s the deal:

There is an event that is likely to draw a crowd.

You reckon that some of that crowd would be interested in what you’re selling.

The people running the event also realise this and charge you a hefty fee to flog your wares.

You reluctantly pay the fee and hope that the exposure you get makes it worth it.

So the Gardening Scotland Show 2012 took place a couple of weeks ago in Ingliston by Edinburgh Airport. Encouraged by my green-fingered wife, I got a trade show stand and had a presence there. It basically involved me standing in front of my stand, trying to catch people’s eye as they walked past (trying to avoid my eye!).

It was a reasonably successful entry to the trade show world. It seems to stand to reason that people who are interested in flowers and gardens might be interested in renewable energy and its true that plenty were.

I got to quote 8 jobs off the back of the show. That was fine, but the problem was that there were two other renewable energy installers who were displaying as well. So I am pretty sure that the 8 people got quotes off all three of us! I have to say that I have only got one order of the 8 so far which I am a little disappointed with. Hopefully though, the long-term benefit will be good. I handed out loads of leaflets and its possible that some may come back to me in months or even years to come.

Next up is the Ayr Flower Show in early AugustĀ

If you are going, please stop by and say hello!

I’ll look a little bit like this:


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