Solar pv-ready to go commercial

Having been in business for just over a year now, we have installed a good number of renewable energy systems. All of them, however have been domestic installations. As you know, solar pv has been a very lucrative investment for homes over the last year or so and BEC has definitely benefited from that. However, the time has come to take BEC beyond the domestic scale and into commercial.

The Feed-in-Tariff has done a great job at allowing solar pv to break into the mainstream market. Prices have fallen and our hope is that domestic installations will continue at a steady pace as people look to invest in their own electricity supply.

However, it is in the commercial/industrial market that solar pv will really be taking off. The falling prices of equipment mean that it is a very achievable target for a business with a reasonable sized building to achieve self-sufficiency in their electricity supply.

If you are responsible for a business premises, particularly one that is in use during the day and uses a lot of electricity, then this will be a huge cost saver for you. Please do get in touch to arrange a quote and see how much you could save.

We will be undergoing training to allow us to install commercial size photovoltaic arrays in the next month or so and very much looking to break into the commercial sector.┬áIt goes without saying that BEC’s usual high standard of workmanship will not change, just the size of our installations.

Watch this space for news of our first commercial installations and if you are interested, then get in touch!

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