Better Energy Blog

This is a blog about all things connected to the energy industry. This is a subject which stirs up more hot air than your average cooling tower, and its not hard to see why. Energy concerns all of us. You are only reading this because you are able to connect to an electrical supply, whether you’re on a PC, laptop or mobile phone. Energy in fact drives our society. From getting to work, to the dinner on your table, to your morning shower, to snuggling up in bed, the energy industry affects just about everything that we do.

It gets bigger though. While we, the little people, plod along happily, using energy without giving too much thought to where it comes from or where it goes, the great tectonic plates of modern human history have also been diverted in the energy industry’s wake:

  • The problems in the Middle East can more or less be dated back to the first commercial extraction of oil in Persia in 1901.
  • Large swathes of Great Britain are home to once prosperous towns, now deserted because the Thatcher government thought the coal miners had too much power.
  • Russia can veto any UN resolution they like and no-one will protest in case they turn off the gas again.
  • There’s a great big hole in the ozone layer caused by industrial gases that may well turn out to be the single biggest cause of human mass movement in the 21st Century.

I think you get what I am saying-the energy industry has had an impact.

So what’s this blog about then? Well,  a lot of people have a lot to say about energy, and I want to throw my tuppence in there too. However, I like to think that I may come at it from a slightly different angle than your average commentator. I am an installer-I work in homes and on site getting my hands dirty installing energy systems for everyday use. Think of this as a bit of a coal face commentary of what’s happening in the energy industry and how its affecting us on the ground.

I hope you’ll be back next week!